Pastor’s Post May 24, 2024

Rowing forward. A feature of rowing is that you look back while working to move forward. Most of what follows I mentioned at the congregational meeting last week; it’s worth a second thought—and gives reason to pause and thank God. Fitting on a Memorial Day weekend.

Saying thank you to the elders and deacons who have completed their 3-year terms got me thinking about the last 3 years. In over 30 years of serving as a pastor, I’ve not seen such a demanding 3 year stretch. From spring 2021 to the present we have had to deal with how to operate during and coming out of Covid, figure out what worship would look like given Covid’s effects, experienced an almost complete turnover of our staff which entailed both developing a new staffing model and then finding people to fill the new positions (completed only 3 months ago), worked to move forward together given Synodical decisions on human sexuality, and planned and began a facility update which also included developing a needed security component. So it’s fitting to thank God for the faithful and effective service of Wendy Hofman, Tiffany Kennon, Dave Mulder, and Eric Walcott during this 3 year stretch (thanking them is also a good idea!).

To move into the future effectively we need to keep rowing; drifting with the current won’t bring us to God’s best. But I’m encouraged by how God has helped us get to where we are and for how we are now in a good position to take new steps to follow the Lord Jesus more closely–and welcome others to join us.  That’s what we’ll be working on as staff and Council over the summer. We’ll keep you posted.

God Bless!

Pastor Brent